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We help wellness coaches help more people.

Created by wellness coaches, for wellness coaches.

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We believe that wellness coaching is the key to transformational change — and we want to help more coaches free up time to help more people experience their own wellbeing transformation. 

We provide simple, low-cost tools for coaches to build an online presence, manage business tasks, and interact with clients, freeing up time to focus on the important stuff.

Our search engine-friendly site and growing presence on social media channels helps coaches get found by new clients and grow their business prospects. 

We are dedicated to helping coaches simplify their technology overhead, and we stand behind our vision with our delight policy

Become part of Teacup’s vibrant community of coaches and wellness experts. Create a simple, powerful profile to reach new clients. 

Upgrade to Teacup Pro to bring your coaching business to a whole new level with the popular and client-friendly Healthie app.  

By keeping our costs low and offering simple yet powerful tools, we help wellness coaches radiate health expertise around the world.

We welcome you to join our tribe today.

seeking a wellness coach?

Our Teacup coaches are accepted for their compassion and knowledge, and we also screen each practitioner for proper credentials and qualifications. 

Many of our coaches were attracted to their wellness fields after struggling for years with the same things you may need help with.

Get help from someone who’s been there. 

Browse our Teacup Coach Directory to connect directly with a qualified wellness practitioner today.

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/ month*
  • Online Profile Mini-Site
  • Teacup Buddy Coaching
  • Blogging & More


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/ month*
  • Teacup’s Healthie App
  • Scheduling & Billing
  • Messaging & More

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