Launch of Teacup 2.0

We are thrilled to announce our reinvention, with new and improved tools and services for our Teacup Wellness practitioners, plus access to a rich set of client engagement tools.

When Teacup Wellness went live in March 2018, we were quickly consumed with a flurry of activity as we interviewed and on-boarded dozens of amazing health and wellness practitioners to join us as contract team members.

We were excited by the tremendous interest in our idea and soon found that we had to turn away applicants while we did our best to ensure that our on-boarded team was operational and positioned for success.

However, as 2018 cruised by without the client traction we were hoping for, we quickly tried a variety of tweaks intended to move the needle. None of them did more than create a temporary blip.

We were still confident in our vision, but realized we needed a better way to bring it to life…

We finally decided that we needed to go back to the drawing board to take a fresh look at our business model and our selected tools.

We identified a few critical opportunities for change.

  • Our tools were not as user-friendly or self-serve as we had hoped – we needed a more flexible and cost-effective software toolset in order to be efficient for the long-term
  • Our go-to-market strategy required us to share some of the hard costs with our practitioners, freeing our resources to focus more on marketing and customer outreach
  • We also needed to empower our practitioners with affordable, state-of-the-art client management and collaboration tools

After a couple months of gathering feedback, conducting research, and setting up some trial implementations, we landed upon what we believe is a simple and elegant solution.

We have decided to adopt a marketplace approach similar to Airbnb and Uber, with a focus on empowering wellness practitioners with affordable, self-serve business enablement tools,  backed by Teacup’s SEO marketing and online visibility expansion strategy.

We are now setting up our existing coaches in our new system, and we are also inviting new wellness practitioners to join our team.

We believe that our revised business model and exciting new toolset will empower Teacup to become all that she can be, in 2019 and beyond…

We want to express our gratitude to all of you who kept the faith, and a warm welcome to everyone just joining us on our journey as we embark upon our year of expansion and growth.

Looking for our previous blog posts? We decided to start fresh with our new site, so please watch this space for new and exciting articles from our engaging and informative wellness experts.

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