about us

Teacup Wellness. Created by wellness coaches, for wellness coaches.

by Anne & Roxie

We know most coaches want simpler technology solutions so they can focus their time and energy on doing what they love the most (as busy professionals, we know that’s what we want!).

We researched and listened and tried out a bunch of technologies before deciding on a few simple website tools for our Basic model, paired with Teacup Healthie — a comprehensive wellness practice solution — for our Pro version. Learn more.

Our mission is to help wellness coaching become accessible to everyone who wants it.

We achieve this in part by providing simple, low-cost tools for coaches to reach and provide services to their customers. Read all about our services.

Welcome. We look forward to working with you to help people live their healthiest lives.

Our coaches are required to provide proof
of wellness coaching qualifications
 and agree to adhere to our code of ethics.

Read about our sister nonprofit organization, Teapot Healing.

Some history (for the curious)

Teacup Wellness first saw the light of day in early 2018, when we launched with a vision of providing easy-to-use services for wellness coaches while also matching them with clients through our marketing efforts.

Our business revenue model was based on commission earnings, but we soon learned that tackling both ends of the business at once was more than we could successfully do before we had drained our self-funded pot.

We hit the Pause button and put our heads down to do some more research and brainstorming about how best to approach our vision. We finally came to the realization that placing our priority on helping coaches first made the most sense.

And so we re-launched Teacup Wellness. For coaches.

Anne Mitchell | Certified Health Coach
Founder, Teacup Wellness, Inc.
Author of award-winning Give it Up! Stop smoking for life.

Committed to the idea that everyone should be able to tap into the power of wellness coaches to learn healthier ways of living, Anne founded Teacup Wellness to help spread the healing magic of coaching around the world.

When not working to build Teacup, Anne loves to explore Colorado and other beautiful places with her white Golden Retriever, Bodhi.

Roxie Speer | Chief Creative Officer
Co-founder, Teacup Wellness, Inc.

Roxie Speer is an entrepreneur, a Certified NLP Coach, and a gifted designer with boundless energy. As co-founder of Teacup Wellness, Roxie has a vision for serving a global community of health enthusiasts dedicated to helping others live up to their greatest potential.

Roxie lives in Golden, Colorado, and loves to go fly fishing whenever possible.