teacup buddy coaching

Teacup’s Buddy Coach program gives you an opportunity to take advantage of your peer coaches’ expertise at no extra cost. 

An optional perk that comes with Basic Teacup, to become a Buddy Coach you simply agree to exchange coaching with another Buddy Coach, as little or as often as you wish. 

You decide who you want to buddy up with, check that they are also available for buddy coaching, then reach out and together you decide on a time to connect.

Once you find your Buddy Coach, you can pause your availability so others can see you are taken. 

Or feel free to partner with multiple Buddy Coaches – it’s totally up to you.

Usually coaches connect with their Buddy Coach by phone, but people who are in the same town may decide to meet for tea and crumpets, or something equally delicious. You can also chat privately with your Buddy Coach using our built-in online chat feature.

Buddy coaching is a great way to get to know other coaches, while also getting coached in an area you may need help with.

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