teacup coach intros

Please drop us a line – we’d love to publish your intro story. 

Ideas for your story could include…

  • How you got into wellness coaching
  • Your own wellness journey
  • How wellness coaching has changed your clients
  • Events or Challenges you offer
  • Health topic of particular interest to you and your area of specialty

…or whatever you feel would highlight you the best and help in getting your name out there.

Each Teacup Basic account comes with a blog account on Teacup’s Wordpress site. Please let us know if you need help getting set up, or check out our Self-Help guidance.

Your blog submissions automatically appear in our home-page Teacup News section and in all our social media channels.

If you would prefer that we handle the publishing part, you can just send us your blog content and we’ll put it up in your name.