For Teacup Practitioners

Please watch this space for FAQs and How-To info regarding our new tools.

If you are on-boarding and find yourself getting stuck, please drop us a line at and we will connect back asap.

Steps to on-board if you are new to Teacup:

  1. Apply here (or through one of our active job board postings) so we can ensure there is a good fit for our marketplace model
  2. Receive a link to sign up for our subscription model, selecting the options that best fit your needs and budget
  3. Get invited to your selected Teacup tools, and receive an update regarding any other requests such as a Teacup email or business cards

Join Teacup’s Community

Our apologies for any inconvenience, but we are holding off on hosting these meetings as we reassess Teacup’s relaunch status.


If you have questions that are not answered here, please drop us a line.

  • I am not sure I understand what Teacup is offering – can I speak with someone?
    • We have had a number of people ask if we can have a phone call with them to discuss things, but since it is just Roxie and Anne right now, we simply cannot fit in personal phone calls at this time or we would have too little time for everything else. Thank you for your understanding.
    • We encourage you to read the info we posted on Join Teacup, Our Story, and other sections of our site.
    • We also encourage to join one of our upcoming video chats listed on the calendar above, so you can see us in person and ask your questions in that format.
    • Lastly, we welcome your emails and will do our best to get back with you asap. Please drop us a note on our Contact page.
    • Your submitted questions will also help us build out this FAQ, so others can benefit too – remember, there are no dumb questions!
  • Can I use a different payment system to get paid by customers?
    • Teacup uses Stripe to collect payments from clients and to pay our practitioners. We are currently offering our platform for free to new members, and keep 15% commission so we can keep the lights on. We do not have any alternatives at this time.
    • Many people have security issues with Paypal which is why we went with Stripe, and those were our only two options.
  • How safe is it to share my checking account info with Teacup to get paid?
    • Teacup uses Stripe to collect payments from clients and to pay our practitioners.
    • In order to be accepted as a trusted vendor with Stripe (which is run by Wells Fargo), we had to provide our EIN and a valid business checking account.
    • In order to get a business checking account, we had to provide the bank with our Colorado Articles of Incorporation (Highlight Healing LLC, dba Teacup Wellness).
    • As admins of our Stripe account, Roxie and Anne only see the last few digits of any account numbers and cannot access anything private or secure, according to Stripe’s privacy rules.
  • How do I edit my profile or listing?
    • First log into your Teacup Wellness Connect account, then under your profile link go to Manage Listings, then go to your listing screen where you can then click on Edit Listing. Make your changes, then Save.
  • Can I sell cannabis or CBD on your site?
    • Right now we cannot approve those product listings, and we will remove them if we see them show up. While it might be legal in your location, there are too many questions about online sales and we need to ensure we stay above board.
    • We encourage wellness experts to join us who can help people learn how to use cannabis and CBD to address wellness issues, so please feel free to list your services, just not the products themselves.
  • Can I join Teacup if I am a student?
    • While we welcome almost all wellness practitioners to join Teacup, we do require that you be clear in your credentials so customers can trust the value of your offerings, and by extension trust in Teacup Wellness.
    • If you are still studying but have permission from your school to start practicing, please just indicate that in your profile.
  • I live in India (or another non-US country) – can I join Teacup?
    • The list of countries which have banks that work with Stripe (and therefore can work with Teacup) can be found here.
    • If your country is listed, then you are free to join Teacup, as long as you are a qualified wellness practitioner in adherence with your local laws.
    • Unfortunately this list does not include India at this time.
  • Sharing this “alignment” question since we think it will resonate with many of you.
    • Question: “Hello! I can tell you I am incredibly discouraged by having to market myself and overwhelmed by Facebook and the idea of having to be an Instagram goddess fills me with dread, but will probably have to step up. I do better in person and phone meetings than internet interactions. How can this format help me? Thank you kindly!”
    • Teacup’s response: Our mission is to provide a simple and cost-effective platform for wellness practitioners to sell and market their services so they don’t have to worry about all that themselves. Your situation is exactly why we created Teacup Wellness. We hope you will join us (no fee, 15% commission, cancel any time) – frankly we are not sure we can gain enough traction to become fully viable, but we certainly hope so! Here is the link in case you decide to try us out 🙂