We designed Teacup to be simple and intuitive so wellness coaches can join and begin feeling value right away.

But we know sometimes even the simplest things can benefit from a little extra info.

We will be adding how-to videos and other self-help info here as we begin to see what coaches most need help with.

If you are stuck and need help right away, please drop us a line and we’ll connect back with you, asap.

We invite all Teacup Coaches to blog using your own Wordpress account, included as part of our Basic and Pro subscriptions. You can log in or request an account by visiting our Submit a Blog Post page (also accessed via the site footer, below).

Teacup Wellness has contracted with Healthie to provide our coaches with a robust package of integrated tools and services at a steep volume discount.

Healthie maintains a comprehensive library of articles, videos, and ebooks to help its users take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Please see links below to learn more about Healthie.

Healthie Overview
Get introduced to all the fabulous services and tools provided by Teacup’s partner, Healthie.

Calendar & Scheduling 
Learn how to set your availability and sync appointments with your iCal, Outlook, or Google calendar. Integrates with Zoom for video calls.

Charting & Client Notes 
Learn about using Healthie charting tools to document client progress and even securely share with your client’s providers, with your client’s permission.

Activate your own e-fax number to securely send documents and chart notes to your client’s providers.

Intake forms 
Build online question banks and e-signature forms for clients to complete online. Start with Teacup’s default forms or customize to create your own.

Billing & Payments
Manage your payment bank account, build packages for clients, accept credit card payments, track payments received, send reminders and more.

Create and track claims to submit directly to insurance for reimbursement of services; includes CMS 1500, Office Ally, and more.

Generate and share Superbills with your clients so they can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement; includes ICD-10 and CPT codes lookup, and more.

Teacup Pro Healthie Practice Plus Resources

Book time with a Client Success Specialist at Healthie

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