Sponsorships & Grants

Our Mission

As a social enterprise, Teacup’s belief is that access to wellness care is a fundamental human right that should be accessible regardless of one’s economic status.

We know that people in underprivileged communities are often most in need of guidance and support on how to improve nutrition, reduce stress, eliminate reliance on addictive substances, and learn how to implement sustainable personal fitness and wellness programs.

In addition to using sponsorships to subsidize the work of wellness practitioners to work with people in their communities, we also plan to develop a wellness coach training program for people who may have been limited in their job opportunities by disability, recovery, prison, lack of education, or other limiting factors. By getting help in the form of support and scholarships and resources to learn a new career, these people can share the wisdom of their experiences while also getting back on their feet financially.

Your generous support through contributions and grants will help us meet these objectives.

Open Call for Teacup Sponsors

We invite individuals and organizations to help advance Teacup’s mission by sponsoring our efforts – any amount is welcome, small or large.

Although your contributions are not tax deductible, we commit to being transparent and responsible fiscal stewards as we distribute funds to help spread the goodness of complementary wellness to underprivileged people in our communities. With each contribution, you will have an opportunity to choose how your funds are to be used, and where practical, we will share specifics of how we delivered upon your request.

This page will be updated each time we get a new sponsorship, unless anonymity has been requested. 

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Teacup Sponsor.

Grants to Support Teacup Work

In addition to sponsorships, we are seeking grants to help bring this important work to underprivileged people in each community in which we have a Teacup Wellness presence.

If you have grant suggestions or can assist our small team in applying for relevant grants, we would gratefully welcome your guidance and support.

On this page, we will list information about grants we are pursuing to avoid redundancies, and will also share the names of our Teacup supporters who step in to help us out, with their permission.

Please submit your grant idea here.